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Black Cat Blues

Black Cat Blues

At a certain moment in your life you can be at the top enjoying the good that it offers and the next instant descend to the caverns.Victor de la Hera leader and drummer of a band that enjoys great popularity, he sees his growing fame truncated by the serious accident suffered by his only son, Diego. In just an instant his life takes a turn of more than one hundred and eighty degrees.While the child is torn between life and death, awaiting events in one of the hospital's waiting rooms, Victor meets Nita, He also waits for a miracle to occur for his daughter. On the whims of fate, somehow their lives are connected by an invisible thread forever ... although always, it is not eternal...With the death of his son, Victor begins the descent to hell, try to endure what happened comforting with the drink and with the pills until they hit bottom, and he can't even lighten his grief with tears; he feels miserable, his own wife blames him for everything that happened, Being the trigger for the rupture of their relationship; although there was no longer before the tragedy.When he is able to get out of the spiral he is in, again misfortune appears in his life.Can love be found again in the most adverse conditions? And once you've found it, let it go because you think you don't deserve to be loved? Will it overcome obstacles again?Immerse yourself in the pages of this novel, live it in the first person with the characters and be part of their lives......They will already be part of yours.


Versión en Inglés de La Balada Del Gato Negro

Traducción por Julia Elaine Langman

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