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Back-lite Stories

Back-lite Stories

Back-lit stories, Describing the night so that the stars shine in it; Who knows if stealthy tears of verses that were never written.Radiographs of lives full of thoughts aloud turned into stories, words that play with lights and shadows, chiaroscuro to rewrite dreams.First book of stories and microrrelates of this author constructed with a prose so poetic that at times seems poetry, in which love and humor walk hand in hand, sometimes they face and sometimes they turn their backs; Leaving behind a story that envelops you and mixes you with the characters, you smile and shudder at their side believing it is your own story.You have a book full of life, deep reflections in which the characters come to you and make you part of their story with love and humor. They can leave you pensive, angry, melancholic ...... But what I'm sure is that they will not leave you indifferent.


Versión en inglés de Realtos a Contraluz

Traducción por Julia Elaine Langman

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